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Formed in 2019, Kipnik Inc. is a joint venture between Canadian Base Operators (CBO) and Kipnik Wildlife Services. It is an Inuvialuit-owned company providing customized support services, maintenance and operations, airport services, and wildlife security solutions throughout the Canadian Arctic. Kipnik has a strong track record of providing personnel for projects throughout the North and is committed to operating with the mandate of developing long-term socioeconomic benefits for Indigenous peoples, businesses and communities. Kipnik is committed to the highest safety and quality standards, leveraging our innovative skilled service solutions and expertise to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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The partnership is pursuing the North Warning System (NWS) contract as a subcontractor to Raytheon Canada to provide site operation and maintenance services at the 47 NWS radar sites across the Canadian Arctic.

“The Kipnik team is proud to support our communities in the North,” said Jason Okpik-Cutten, President, Kipnik. “With our mandate of Indigenous employment and local economic development, we continue advocating for work done for the North, by the North. The opportunity to work with CBO and Raytheon Canada on the NWS project would see Kipnik’s mandate strengthen, ensuring local employment and socio-economic benefits within the communities we serve.”

Kipnik and CBO bring decades of industry best practices and knowledge to NWS, a large-scale project that has geographical and logistical complexities. With Kipnik’s extensive experience operating in challenging locations in Canada’s North, both organizations are committed to hiring Indigenous suppliers and employees and providing training and development opportunities for local communities.

Kipnik and CBO have been working hand-in-hand on projects since 2016. Kipnik has recently been awarded a two-year contract for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation’s (NTPC) Snare Hydro Camp Services. CBO looks forward to continuing its strong, integrated relationship with Kipnik to keep procuring future opportunities in the North.

Two Kipnik employees standing in front of a river north of Yellowknife