A New Company With Years of Experience

Kipnik Inc., an Inuvialuit owned company, was established by Founder and President Jason Okpik-Cutten when he realized that wildlife monitor positions in the North were being filled by southern companies with workers from the South. It only seemed natural that traditional knowledge held by Inuit and Inuvialuit people be utilized to fill these positions.

Since 2016, Kipnik – then Kipnik Wildlife Services – has continued to grow and offer more services to become the company we are today.

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Our Mission

Who we inspire matters to us

At Kipnik, we are committed to the highest safety and quality standards, leveraging our innovative skilled service solutions and expertise to meet and exceed customer expectations. We have a strong track record of providing staff for projects throughout the North, and are committed to operating with the mandate of developing long-term socio-economic benefits for Indigenous peoples, businesses and communities.

Our Code

Unparalleled value, professionalism and flexibility

Our code of business has been built on a foundation of customer service and an ongoing commitment to providing unparalleled value, professionalism, and flexibility. We take the long view when it comes to our client relationships, serving each customer with honesty, integrity, and respect.

  • We live by our motto, Never Pass a Fault
  • Do the job right, regardless
  • Talk to the customer regularly – confirm satisfaction and emphasize the longer term
  • A deal is a good one only when it is good for all parties
  • Live up to your promises and exceed expectations
  • Treat employees with respect
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen in health, safety, environmental, and community matters
  • Adapt to the customer’s environment
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We’re a business but with a long-term commitment to uplifting the communities in which we work.

As an Inuvialuit owned company, Kipnik provides customized maintenance and operations, support services, airport services, and wildlife security solutions throughout the Canadian Arctic. From remote wildlife monitoring to trades and general labour, we are proud to provide high-quality service and flexibility in the harshest and most remote locations.